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Voted among the top 5 disc golf courses in the world by several touring professional disc golfers. Built on a former rock quarry in 1997, “The Canyon” quickly became Florida’s “destination” course within a year’s time and broke attendance records 3 years in a row on its Fabulous Florida Disc Golf Tour stop. This Pay-to-play “extreme” disc golf course featured color-coded carpet tee pads, mountainous terrain and highlighted several long downhill fairways. The Gran Canyon dgc was on private land and was sold in 2006 to the dismay of thousands of disc golfers around the world.  Efforts are underway to raise the $1.5 million to regain possession of the property.

"I wish I had more thumbs so that I could give it more than two thumbs up"
David Greenwell - 2 time PDGA Masters Champion, 3 time PDGA Grand Masters Champion

"This course allows the true professional to make their shots count. It is my VALHALLA."
John E. McCray - 5 Time Cross Canyon Challenge Champion. 10-time Fabulous Florida Tour overall points winner and Player of the Year 

"The Gran Canyon Disc Golf Course is one of the most spectacular courses I’ve ever experienced; like someone’s mad dream of what a perfect disc golf course can be."
Matt Gillis - International Disc Golf Center Office Assistant and marshal for the 2005 Cross Canyon Challenge

"It’s the future of Disc Golf. People don’t want to see 275 foot hyzer shots. They’d love to see players crushing big shots off of canyon walls. Now THAT’s exciting!!!"
Dave Feldberg - 2008 PDGA World Champion, 2008 Japan Open Champion, 2007 Players Cup Champion, 2006 U.S. Champion, 2005 European Open Champion

"I wish more courses would employ this kind of philosophy. I had forgotten how much fun it was to play out here!"
Juliana Korver - 5 time Womens PDGA World Champion, PDGA Hall of Fame inductee

A view of hole #1

The infamous hole #16 featuring a 'hanging' basket atop a treacherous mound.

Scenic 27th and final green.