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WCDGD’s “Have Course-Will Travel” Rent-a-course program is designed to INTRODUCE your park system and community to disc golf. In order to keep our introductory price low, clearing of any heavy underbrush must be performed by parks system under our direction. Temp course is likely to vary from a permanent installation.
After the six-month trial period, if you are not satisfied that disc golf is right for your facility we will dismantle the course at no extra charge to you. If you decide to continue with disc golf, 100% of the previous charges will be applied to the cost of an 18-hole course layout (50% to a 9-hole layout). Contact us for the Terms and Conditions page for more information on this unique offer.


In order to take advantage of this offer, property representative (renter) must agree to the terms and conditions outlined below.

It has been determined by World Champion Disc Golf Design (WCDGD) that a disc golf course is suitable for the property listed below.  The fee for this six month “rental” program is $599, which covers temporary course design, materials, installation and basket rental for a “plug and play” course.  A “plug and play” course is one that can be installed in one or two work day(s) and requires minimal brush clearing. Rental period begins the first day after the RAC has been installed and terminates 6 months from that date.  This fee does not cover any travel or lodging expenses WCDGD may incur, which is the responsibility of the renter. WCDGD will provide a bill for travel expenses within 1 week of the conclusion of the course installation. *
The $100 dollar evaluation fee will be applied to the overall cost of this program.  

This Rent-a-Course(RAC) program is designed to INTRODUCE the renter and community to disc golf, as well as showcase the professional design and construction services of WCDGD.  In order to keep the introductory price low, the $599 fee only covers the design and installation of a “plug and play” course.  In instances where the property requires the clearing of heavy underbrush to make a viable course, the clearing must be performed in conjunction with property staff under the direction of a WCDGD representative at an additional cost of $75 per hole.  This additional cost does not cover the rental of any necessary equipment which is not supplied by property management.

WCDGD agrees to leave the rental course in the ground for a period of 6 months after the installation date.  Renter may have the option to extend the rental period at the rate of $125 per month, paid in quarterly increments. (Subject to availability)  Within 30 days prior to rental program completion, renter agrees to inform WCDGD on how they intend to proceed once the inaugural 6 months have expired, whether it be to install a permanent course at that or another location, terminate the RAC program, or extend the program, if available.  By participating in the RAC program, renter agrees that if a course is installed at that, or an affiliated location within 2 years of the RAC program’s conclusion, the renter agrees to procure the services of WCDGD to design and install that course or incur a $650 penalty, which covers the RAC design costs and labor.

In the event that wcdgd is called upon to install a permanent course at the location of RAC course, all or a portion of the $599 base-rental fee will be applied to the cost of the permanent course (50% for 9-holes and the 100% for 18).  Renter also understands a permanent layout may differ from the temporary layout in order to take full advantage of the land available to WCDGD.  

It is recommended that renter insure the baskets to prevent losses that may occur due to damage or theft.  In the unlikely event of basket damage, the renter agrees to pay repairs up to $250 each, to be performed by a WCDGD contracted welder. If stolen, renter is responsible for replacement, which is valued at $275 per basket.

WCDGD reserves the right to deny an extension to the rental agreement for reasons they see fit.  WCDGD also reserves the right to pull the RAC course if it is determined that equipment has been knowingly abused by renter (or employees thereof), or it is determined that inadequate monitoring of equipment by renter (or employees thereof) allows property/park patrons to abuse equipment.

* Unless suitable lodging considerations are agreed upon to be covered by renter in advance of the design/installation.